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This premium, all-round seat harness has been designed to fit like a second skin. The partial CURV construction ensures great overall comfort and an excellent load distribution. The Radarís ergonomic leg straps, inspired by the technology of climbing harnesses, have been developed to enable fantastic freedom of movement and eliminate pressure points. The integrated neoprene belt further enhances the comfort level allowing you to move, flex and twist as your riding dictates. The Radar comes with the super sleek Spectre Bar (including kite hook) and integrated Kite_Knife Multitool 2.0.

-> MANERA Boom Vest Black Size XL
Thanks to its SHOTGUM foam and X10D neoprene structure, the Boom vest is super protective and comfortable at the same time. It features an anti-slip technology that keeps the vest in the right position and a harness zone without foam for the harness.
Key Features:
* Shotgum foam - Thanks to its large inner aircells and itís manufacture process that gives unbeatable shock absorbant, softness and lightness abilities, the SHOTGUM foam will make impact vest the most comfortable and effective one youíve been trying out.
* Hyper stretch - X10D neoprene - The structure of vest is made with none other than the X10D neoprene used in Manera wetsuits. The quality of this neoprene is not to prove anymore, with incredible stretch, durability, softness and UV resistance characteristics.
* Anti-slip - An inner special ANTI-SLIP material is printed all around the waist of the vest. This material is sticky but soft and flexible, it keeps the impact vest down and prevent it from going up when moving/crashing, or with the harness pulling upward.
* Harness zone - The Kitesurf vest has a special zone with no foam panels to let the harness go around the waist without discomfort. This is the HARNESS ZONE.

-> Mystic LEN10 Handlepass Leash

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