Liquid Force legacy
Liquid Force - legacy

Liquid Force legacy
Anno acquisto: 2017
€ 400,00

2016 LIQUID FORCE LEGACY 139x 42,5
+Liquid force synergy boots US 9-10 UK 8,5-9,5
+Pads (never used)
Eventuale spedizione a carico dell'acquirente!

For all round freestyle performance. If you’re looking for a ‘kite’ specific board that you can put boots on one day and hit sliders, go boosting in straps and choppy waters the next, and then head to flat water for powered wakestyle, this is a super option, built to last and won’t hold you back.

Inserzionista: Theodoros, Atene - Greece
Utente da 34 giorni
Tel: 00306972446889

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