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Our proprietary 30° biaxial carbon fiber layup optimizes torsion and flex. Our made-to-order 30° biaxial carbon fiber has more flex along the length of the board and less flex between the toe and heal. Cartan carbonís unique high filament count also requires less resin which saves weight. Enjoy improved pop, softer landings, and extreme durability with Cartan.

The rails feature a variable thickness profile, increasing roughly 6mm in depth from the tips to the grab handle. Vario Rails precisely control flex across the entire width of the board. Just imagine the kinetic energy you will generate with these rails!

Powerfully light, marine grade, wood core. The laminated, long-grained Paulownia wood core gives our boards dimensional stability, decay resistance, and a lightweight yet distinctively powerful character. The Paulownia extends towards the board edges and is CNC milled both top and bottom. The large wood core reduces board weight and improves flex memory.

Take a close look at the Fusionís surface contours. Near the footpads, the wood core is milled in the shape of a diamond. This shape directs torsional forces to the edges where you want them for a perfect balance between flex and rigidity.

Inspired by the legendary handling of deep V powerboats in rough waters, we added a deep V-shaped keel along the entire length of the board to penetrate chop and smooth your ride. And who doesnít like its pillow soft landings?

Always in control. The double concave V hull increases hydrodynamic grip at any board angle to rip tighter, butter-smooth turns. Effortless, slashy turns that are imprinted in your memory forever.

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