North Jaime textreme 2018 142x43
North - Jaime textreme 2018 142x43

North Jaime textreme 2018 142x43
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tavola usata solo in acqua dolce, no coralli

Completely new to the range is the North Jaime Textreme. A high-end Freestyle board in the luxury Textreme construction that perfectly fills the gap between the Select and the Team Series. A board for advanced riders looking for a pure freestyle Twintip, especially developed for riding in straps.

Geared toward hooked-in and unhooked riding, it's a favourite amongst North Kiteboarding's Product Managers. Due to its very light Textreme construction any manoeuvres are easy to perform. A refined and sporty experience with enhanced Freestyle and Freeride characteristics - it's time you get the most out of this premium product with an extravagant twist.

Featuring North's most high-tech construction, harmonic flex and S-bend fins, the Jaimeís emphasis on early planing and great upwind ability make it ideal for gusty winds, to keep you planing through the holes. The 139cm offers plenty of reserves for heavier people even in tricky, gusty conditions, where a little extra planing surface is needed.

Medium flex also makes the Jaime Textreme perfect for laying down the tracks to riding in small waves. The Jaime Textreme was an entirely new board last year, and itís back once again to blow kiteboarders away whenever they ride it. The best just got better; itís as simple as that.

Jaime Textreme:
North Kites has once again chosen to use the high-performance carbon fabric TeXtreme® for developing an ultra light premium board. With the help from the mechanical performance benefits that comes from TeXtreme® Spread Tow Fabrics the new Select and the Teamseries offer the best riding experience ever, this case study will give a technical explanation of the development behind it. The technical demands when developing a high performance kite board is quite challenging when you want to create a board which is on one hand extremely stiff and on the other hand still very flexible in different directions. But the final goal for sure is always to get the ultimate ride. From a manufacturing point of view, the balance lies in constructing a board that is very responsive, but still retains control in all kind of waters. This puts demands on the carbon reinforcement to be able to provide different stiffness in different directions.

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