Liquid Force Liquid Force Fusion
Liquid Force - Liquid Force Fusion

Liquid Force Liquid Force Fusion
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Ultra-lightweight Liquid Force Fusion straps and pads provide the ultimate connection. The Fusion footpad and strap setup delivers world-class comfort, ultimate performance, and effortless ease of use. Offering a seamless foot-to-board feel, the Fusion features the LF Status Chassis for optimal response, control and connection. The Fusion incorporates premium EVA shock absorption, ergonomic support, ultra-comfortable seamless straps, quick strap adjustment on the fly, fast and easy installation, infinite adjustability, high visibility color, and is compatible with every single board on the market.


- High Visibility— Given the Fusion's high-visibility orange color, your board will call out to you after even the hardest of crashes.
- Quick Adjustment— With a single Velcro quick-adjustment strap, the seamless neoprene gusset footstrap accommodates small to large feet, with or without booties. Better yet, you can easily fine-tune these bad boys on the fly with one hand for the perfect fit. Fusion X features dual Velcro quick-adjustment straps.
- Liquid Force Status Chassis— The Fusion is built upon the new baseless LF Status Chassis, which keeps the foot as low to the board as possible for optimal response, control, and connection. Designed to literally fuse your feet with any setup, the lightweight Fusion strap-and-pad combo will make any board feel like a natural, comfortable extension of your body. Unlike most strap and pads out there, the Fusion offers effortless installation and maximum adjustability that allows riders to choose from the widest spectrum of stance widths and angles to match their riding style, weight, and personal preference. Plus, the unique hole pattern will accommodate any board on the market.
- Seamless Gusseted Strap— Ultra comfortable, the seamless neoprene footstrap features gusseted functionality for smooth and kink-free adjustment.
- Dual-Density EVA Footbeds— Thin and ultra-cushy, shock- absorbing dual-density EVA footbeds offer the finest ergonomic fit, featuring arch and toe support, while a deep heel cup anchors the foot deep in the large footbed.

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