North Dice 7 2017
North - Dice 7 2017

North Dice 7 2017
Misura: 7m
Anno acquisto: 2017
€ 559,00

Kite used only in the Lake Garda sweet water

C-oriented design

4 and 5 lines compatible
3-strut design
Great looping and jumping abilities
Very good unhooked performance
Great drifting abilites
Direct and fast turning
The Dice is a perfectly balanced Freestyle/Wakestyle tool redefining versatility and performance in a C-oriented three strut design, which can even impress in waves. It´s the ultimate kite of choice for all those, who feel the design of the Vegas got a little bit too extreme over the years. A new panel layout with an immensely stable Dacron frame and wave panels on the trailing edge, enhance durability and the overall canopy stiffness. The dynamic curve of the tip strut offers responsive steering, whilst the variety of different length pigtails give even more variation between the different settings. 4 and 5 line compatible, the Dice is a confidence giver with great rider feedback and incredible stability in the air. If you want a kite that is especially prepared for all your Freestyle and Wakestyle tricks, but is also able to perform in waves when actively steered, then the Dice is the one for you.

Inserzionista: Wind Riders, Limone sul Garda - Italy
Utente da oltre 7 anni
Tel: +393488975467

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