Kitech Fly4
Kitech - Fly4

Kitech Fly4
Misura: 12m
Anno acquisto: 2016
€ 690,00

Sell very good closed cell kite 12m with no damages, 2016
The Fly4 is your all-terrain kite meant to be used on every surface in all 4 seasons! It will become your favorite kite for kitesurfing, landboarding, buggying and snowkiting. No more need to invest in different kites for each terrain, the FLY!4 series is the one kite for all solution!
Very good hang time, low end, wide wind range, light weight, high jumps, self launching, no pumping, easy relaunch...
Zenit park in 5kt
Wind range with twin tip 12-25kt and with foilboard 8-20kt
Can send in EU...
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Inserzionista: blaz, kresnice - Slovenia
Utente da 12 giorni
Tel: 0038640659165

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