Cabrinha stylus 165*48
Cabrinha - stylus 165*48

Cabrinha stylus 165*48
Anno acquisto: 2016
€ 350,00


Excellent performance in light wind
Extra wide outline for early planing
Wide range of use
Excellent upwind ability
30mm GFN Hex flow fin

The Stylus is made to perform in the fickle conditions known as threshold winds. Threshold winds are generally thermal breezes with wind speeds just strong enough to fly a kite. The flat rocker line and extra wide outline make the most of these less than ideal wind conditions. In many cases, the Stylus twin tip will be the difference between sitting on the beach or getting a full kiteboarding session.
Rider Profile: The Stylus is specially designed for the rider who wants to ride a twin tip in the lightest wind possible.

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