North Soleil 131/38
North - Soleil 131/38

North Soleil 131/38
Anno acquisto: 2012
€ 350,00

131/38 north soleil 2012

tavola usata 10-15 volte e solo per servizio lift/noleggio clienti e non per scuola, quindi in ottime condizioni, anche perché usata nell'acqua dolce.
tavola completa di pinne e straps

The North Soleil remains the high performance freestyle board, now completed with a constant rocker and a cylindrical concave, being the choice for progressive female riders.

As the performance standard of female new-school riders continues to evolve at a rapid rate, so does the demand for female specific boards to suit their unique needs. The Soleil has all the performance characteristics you would expect from a high end new school board, like huge pop and solid landings, while also featuring optimized size and flex designed specifically with female rider's unique demands in mind.

Inserzionista: Wind Riders, Limone sul Garda - Italy
Inserzione numero 366592
Tel: +393488975467
Inserita il 09/02/2017 alle 00:00:00